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At Express Scripts, we believe that each and every one of us makes an impact. Explore the many opportunities available within our Pharmacy, Nursing, Corporate, Operations and Information Technology functions.

Reethi I.

Employee since 2011

Sr. Outcomes Research Manager

St. Louis, Missouri

Reethi I. came to Express Scripts after an internship with the department of chronic disease prevention and health promotion at the World Health Organization (WHO). There, she supported research on HIV and cancer by identifying best-practice models of care for HIV-AIDS related cancer types. In her role at Express Scripts, she is responsible for providing timely and scholarly research related to use of prescription medications that help develop innovative products to improve patient outcomes.

I like my job because it actually pays me to do what I love doing — providing solutions for healthcare issues that can be readily applied to see actual improved outcomes,” Reethi says. “I work in a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art lab with the most brilliant people in the business, who share the same passion and commitment towards the same goal. And I get paid for it. Who wouldn’t like that?

Girik D.

Employee since 2011

Staff Pharmacist Lead

St. Louis, Missouri

Girik is a Staff Pharmacist Lead within the Technology & Innovation center. He manages over 20 pharmacists and 20 pharmacy technicians – making schedules, training, coaching and troubleshooting. He’s also responsible for verifying thousands of orders daily, handling quality and clinical questions, and helping to improve order safety and quality.

I knew a career in pharmacy would offer vast opportunities, but the challenge for me was finding a place to develop a business background. Because Express Scripts values pharmacists' leadership and clinical expertise, they offer many pharmacist opportunities. Seeing the growth of Express Scripts and where they are heading, I knew I wanted to grow with them.

The experience you get here is unobtainable elsewhere and will only help you stand out in the crowd. Every day, I learn new things such as LEAN management training, business operations and project development.

Nicole B.

Employee since 2006

Specialist Pharmacist

Columbus, Ohio

As a specialist pharmacist in the Cardiovascular Therapeutic Resource Center, Nicole B. arms cardiovascular patients and their physicians with actionable data that ensures the best possible health outcomes.

Instead of checking prescriptions as a primary job function, as a specialist pharmacist I am able to directly work with patients and prescribers to help them achieve the best possible results,” Nicole says. "It can be very challenging to share so much of our patients’ lives. But being able to help a patient when they need it the most is why I love my job.

Every patient has a unique story and I love being a part of their journey towards a happy and healthy life,” she says.

Charlene S.

Employee since 2005

RN Clinical Nurse Specialist

Pine Brook, New Jersey

As RN Clinical Nurse Specialist, Charlene leads a team of professional nurses.

I feel privileged to have an outstanding staff that works as a team to succeed in providing our patients optimal care. Being a leader at Express Scripts means having the ability to recognize and support my staff, encouraging them to reach their full potential to perform in an ever-changing healthcare environment. Meeting and exceeding the expectations of our patients and their physicians is the primary focus of the Express Scripts nursing organization – and the reason that we come to work every day.

Express Scripts gives nurses the freedom to administer care with full support from senior management,” she continued.“The company’s commitment to excellence makes me proud to be part of the organization.

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