You’ve studied hard and taken all the right classes. Now it’s time to put your knowledge to work with a company that will help grow your skills even further than you imagined.

We are always on the lookout for top talent. You’ll find no shortage of high energy and drive in our dynamic workplace. Here, innovation and forward-thinking are highly valued. You’ll find opportunities for challenge, career growth and development. In our performance-driven culture, you truly control your career's destiny.

Our student opportunities include internships, as well as opportunities for full-time positions when you graduate, at locations across the country.


We’re committed to helping you explore your ideal career path.

Internship opportunities are offered in a variety of departments including:

  • Pharmacy
  • Marketing
  • Public Affairs
  • Product Management
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Clinical Research & New Solutions
  • Human Resources
  • Operations

Our 12-week summer internship program will give you a unique inside look into your field, along with invaluable real-world experience. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to build your peer network, as our program activities include an executive speaker series, leadership opportunities and volunteer events for all interns.

We offer undergraduate, graduate and pharmacy internships at multiple locations across the country, as well as the opportunity to move into a full-time position after graduation.

In addition to our summer program, other internships may be available throughout the year.

Application qualifications

All full-time students attending an accredited four-year college or university, graduate program or PharmD program are eligible. Preference is given to students who at a minimum, have completed their sophomore year and have a GPA above 3.0. Leadership experience is also a plus.

Externships and clinical rotations

Contact your school representative to learn more about how to arrange an externship or clinical rotation.

Summer 2017 internship program dates
May 15 - August 4, 2017

Student stories


Intern, Specialty Pharmacy

Whitestown, Indiana

“This internship is a good way to learn more about the business and get exposure to different departments within the company. The internship is designed so that it sparks interns’ interest in possibly starting a career with Express Scripts after graduation.

The opportunities and experiences that the internship has offered have helped tremendously in my personal and professional growth. I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to network with interns, senior staff, and other employees in my field all across the country - and an opportunity to learn about the career options within my field.“


Intern, IT Application Architecture
Intern, IT Identity and Access Management

St. Louis, Missouri

“One of the best parts of the internship program that is unique to Express Scripts is the dynamic nature of it – the speaker series with senior staff, the intern summit, final presentations, etc. It makes it much more than just a day job. Most college students look for this in an internship program, but I don’t know of many other companies that offer similar opportunities to their interns. Another reason I liked the internship program is the networking you can do if you are willing to reach out. Through networking with various Directors and learning about their departments, I was able to return to the company in a different role after my first internship.”


Intern, Front End Pharmacy Operations

St. Louis, Missouri
Current role: Clinical Account Executive, National Labor Division – Sales & Account Management

“The culture fosters eager students who want to learn and provides the platform to do so. The employees that I worked with as an intern mentored me and helped me expand my understanding of pharmacy. They were a great support system as this was my first role outside of the traditional pharmacy. I think one of the most important parts of an internship is not the job title or the job but it’s the flexibility to explore and learn within the organization.”

Mary Kate

Intern, Internal Audit

St. Louis, Missouri

“Though I received offers for a few other internships at various companies, Express Scripts’ offer was truly too good to pass up. Having the opportunity to develop my professional skillset at a Fortune 22 company, connect and network with 100+ interns over the program, having facetime with senior staff on a weekly basis, as well as have the projects I completed show true relevance in the workplace and marketplace all amounted to a truly ideal internship experience.”

Fast-track your career at Express Scripts

Hear how some of our recent interns describe Express Scripts and learn what they gained from their internship experience.

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