Who we hire

Our success is driven by our great people. The value of our company, today and in the future, is in the hands of our employees. Express Scripts employees value work with meaning and purpose. We take pride in knowing we impact our clients’ and patients’ well-being and approach our work with great passion.

We look for that passion in every person we hire. We have a collaborative, high performance, inclusive culture where entrepreneurial spirit and forward thinking are welcomed and embraced. Our “never stand still” approach and our goal of continuous improvement are evident across the organization. These goals drive our people and, in return, our success.

This is a great time to be part of our team! We invite you to explore the many opportunities available within our Pharmacy, Nursing, Corporate, Operations and Information Technology functions. See below to learn more about specific departments and opportunities.

Hiring process

Becoming an Express Scripts employee is more than having the right degree or solid experience – it’s about finding the right fit for the position, for the company culture and, ultimately, for yourself. Are you motivated by progress and adaptable to change? Does your drive to succeed match our performance-driven culture? Quite simply, do you want a career that directly impacts people’s everyday lives? If you answered “Yes” to these questions, you belong here.

The application & hiring process

You may search jobs to find an opportunity that is a good fit for your skills and experience. If you don’t see a position you would like to apply to, you can submit your information to our Talent Community. That way, you can stay connected and we may contact you in the future when we have opportunities that are aligned with your interests.



Once you’ve identified an opportunity of interest we invite you to submit your profile online.

  • You will receive an email confirming our receipt of your application once it has been successfully submitted.
  • This email will also contain instructions on how to check your application status in our system at any time.
  • We will review your qualifications and, if they match our requirements for the position, a recruiter from our Talent Acquisition team may contact you.



Depending on the role, location and timeliness, we may ask you to complete any or all of the following: phone screen, web cam interview, skills assessment, and in-person interview(s). We use this time to review your skills, experience, and fit. It’s your opportunity to evaluate if the role and company are a good fit for you as well.



If you are selected for the job, an offer of employment will be extended to you. The offer is contingent upon satisfactory completion of a drug screen and background check. If you are not selected for the role, you will receive communication from a member of our team.



Once you have accepted an offer from us, you will receive communication outlining the onboarding process as well as access to our online portal to complete necessary paperwork. Your first days at work will involve training on Express Scripts’ values, policies, and procedures.

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We're always tweeting about career insights, upcoming career events, the latest company and industry news and more. We also link to our careers blog sharing updates from our recruiters’, employees’ interns’ perspectives.


Check out our company page and regular updates related to all things Express Scripts and more. While you're there, we encourage you to connect with our recruiting team, Follow Us, and interact with us our latest post or story.

Careers blog

Take a look at our careers blog where we share career-related tips, employee stories, and insights around our organization and the PBM industry. There’s always something to talk about, from life at Express Scripts to weighing in on the latest recruiting trends. While you're there, you can interact with us and connect with our featured bloggers.

  • Situation briefly describe the situation at-hand that required your involvement
  • Task elaborate on the tasks requested of you stemming from this particular situation
  • Actions what were the actions you felt were necessary to take
  • Result for better or worse, what were the results of your actions

Anticipating behavioral interview questions and applying the STAR method will set you up for a successful interview. Be prepared by knowing details of your background and résumé and be able to concisely elaborate on them.

Other interview tips:

  • Research the company: Having a general understanding about the company products, customers, shareholders and competitors allows you to tailor your answers specific to the company or industry in which you are interviewing.
  • First impressions matter: Make sure to dress appropriately and appear polished. When in doubt, ask your recruiter what outfit is appropriate for the interview.
  • Arrive early: Allow yourself extra time to navigate traffic, find the proper parking space, entrance and check-in. Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled interview time
  • Remember your manners: : A firm hand shake, direct eye contact, good posture, engaging tone, and an enthusiastic attitude are all excellent qualities that interviewers notice.
  • Ask questions: Always be prepared to ask the interviewer questions. This is your opportunity to hear their honest opinions of the company culture and vision for your role.
  • Send a Thank You Note: Make sure to thank the interviewer, via an email or handwritten note, within a few days of your interview.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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Areas of opportunity

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Your prescription to success

Express Scripts encourages ongoing professional development through a broad menu of workshops, eLearning and internal promotion based on performance. Tuition assistance is available to help you advance your skills or maintain your licensing.

Growth means opportunity

We are the top firm in our industry in market share and continue to grow. This means we are constantly offering more career options — new positions, new opportunities and new challenges.

Geographic flexibility

With major administrative, pharmacy customer service operations throughout the United States and Canada, Express Scripts offers you a great geographic flexibility and a career that can move with you.

Working here says something about you

Integrity, mutual respect, passion and collaboration are some of the words our employees use to describe our culture. Our pharmacists demonstrate these values in part by adhering to the Pharmacist Code of Ethics.

Imagine a career that enables you to:

  • Interact with patients and physicians without distractions
  • Benefit from advancement opportunities
  • Use your pharmacy knowledge in a professional setting
  • Cross-train to keep you challenged
  • Enjoy work-life quality

We’re committed to hiring the most talented pharmacists to be part of our growing team.

We offer pharmacists a variety of career paths, which include non-traditional pharmacist positions.

Areas of opportunity

  • Pharmacy Operations
  • Clinical Evaluation & Policy
  • Sales & Account Management
  • Product Management
  • Pharma & Retail Strategy

We also offer a work-from-home program for high-performing pharmacists seeking to balance their professional goals with their personal commitments.

Pharmacists making a difference

Learn about work as a pharmacist at Express Scripts, their work with patients and career opportunities within the organization.

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Become a nurse at Express Scripts

Our national team of nurses are dedicated to serving the specialty pharmacy needs of patients living with complex conditions. We provide individualized therapy management solutions for a wide range of complex conditions, with nurses supporting our branches and sites nationwide.

An integral part of our company's success, our nurses receive specialized training in the therapies used to treat chronic and often serious health conditions. By providing individualized care, we can help patients manage their medications to achieve a better outcome and enhanced quality of life.

Our nurses are not limited to clinical roles - many establish successful careers in other areas of the business including marketing, IT, compliance and operations.

Express Scripts regularly seeks passionate nurses who are Registered Nurses (RN) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), for our home infusion and contact center roles with the following licenses:

  • An active, state Registered Nurse License
  • An active, state Licensed Practical Nurse License

Our Contact Center nurses may:

  • Perform telephonic patient assessments
  • Provide wound care and disease education
  • Document drug interactions

Our Nurse Clinicians for Infusion are:

  • Comfortable in the multifaceted roles of nurse, trainer and coordinator
  • Flexible in their availability and ability to work with a wide range of personality types in a variety of home environments
  • Able to manage crises, as they may encounter patients with allergic reactions and emergencies

Our Nurse Clinicians for Infusion are:

  • Comfortable in the multifaceted roles of nurse, trainer and coordinator
  • Flexible in their availability and ability to work with a wide range of personality types in a variety of home environments
  • Able to manage crises, as they may encounter patients with allergic reactions and emergencies

Employee development is also critical in this role. In addition, our nursing leaders help to identify areas of opportunity for process development to meet guidelines and adjust to the growing trends within the telephonic nursing operation.

Our Nurse clinicians for infusion are:

  • Comfortable in the multifaceted roles of nurse, trainer and coordinator
  • Flexible in their availability and ability to work with a wide range of personality types in a variety of home environments
  • Able to manage crises, as they may encounter patients with allergic reactions and emergencies

Nurses making an impact

Hear about life as a nurse at Express Scripts and their impact on patients, as well as career opportunities within the organization.

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Information Technology


This expansive group is accountable for planning, building and driving core technology solutions and services across virtually every aspect of the business, including Infrastructure, Engineering, Operations, Architecture, Pharmacy Technology, Home Delivery, Specialty and IT Service Management. The following teams help comprise this ever-important group:

  • IT Architecture & Innovation defines and drives the company’s architecture strategy.
  • IT Engineering manages all engineering activities associated with the company’s architecture and attendant technology.
  • IT Operations manages all the technology that supports the company’s operational functions.

Information Security

Information Security prioritizes the protection and security of all client, patient and company information and data. They do this by proactively identifying the sophisticated landscape of threat actors and environmental risks associated with unauthorized access and service disruptions. This vital group focuses on preserving system reliability and business continuity, protecting the strong brand Express Scripts has in the marketplace, and maximizing the company’s defenses against external and internal threats.

Home Delivery, Application & Enterprise Data Services

Application & Enterprise Data Services is focused on creating, testing and deploying customized client and patient service-delivery and data services. These teams use traditional and Agile application development disciplines to address client, partner and patient requirements. The following functional areas comprise Application & Enterprise Data Services:

  • Application Services leads application-development strategy and execution, and business-relationship management for Home Delivery and patient-facing systems. The team also manages centralized quality-assurance, release-management and production-support activities.
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) is responsible for application design, development and strategy for core PBM systems. PBM partners with Benefits & Eligibility, Clinical Programs, Coverage Review, Supply Chain, Retail Networks, Client Data, Claims, Client Services, Operations, Product and Account Management on client and patient solutions.
  • Specialty manages application development, strategy, execution, and business-relationship management for Specialty systems.
  • Home Delivery manages the application-development strategy and execution, and business-relationship management, for all Home Delivery, Contact Center and Digital solutions.

IT Strategy & Programs

This key group leads the Go-to-Market Business Alignment Team (BAT), Government Programs BAT and Enterprise IT Project Management Office. The Strategy & Programs team also manages IT scorecard and training activities, as well as facilitating IT strategy development.

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Our careers in operations are central to realizing our company's vision. Every day, we handle more than a million prescriptions through our world-class pharmacies, contact centers and distribution facilities across the country.

Contact Center

Our Patient Care Contact Centers are looking for skilled and courteous staff members to provide the highest levels of service and care. Through our national network of Contact Centers, operating seven days a week, we offer a variety of schedules and opportunities where you can find a great fit.

We seek people who can build trust, ensure satisfaction and have a passion to meet our patient needs. If you are interested in being a part of a team working in an exciting environment with numerous opportunities for growth and advancement, we are excited to receive your application.

Our Contact Center locations are below:

  • Bloomington, Minnesota
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Dublin, Ohio
  • Port St. Lucie, Florida
  • St. Marys, Georgia
  • Tempe, Arizona

Various virtual/work from home opportunities are also available.

Join a team where your work matters

Hear about the role of Contact Center employees and how our teams are helping patients every day.

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Client Services

The mission of Client Services is to meet market needs for speed, flexibility and reliability while driving and influencing best operational practices to make sure Express Scripts remains the most competitive and effective PBM in the country.

Its centralized functions support the client lifecycle throughout the enterprise to help us “get it right the first time” to increase client satisfaction, reduce waste and the cost of rework.

Areas of opportunity

  • Client Benefit Administration
  • Client Service Center
  • Eligibility
  • Implementation
  • Manual Claims
  • Quality Control

Member Experience

Making prescriptions safer, more affordable and convenient is at the core of what we do. The Member Experience team directly supports accomplishing this goal.

From cross-functional program management to contact and contact center strategy, the Member Experience team strives to ensure our clients, pharmacy patients and partners receive the best service and operational solutions that are unavailable anywhere else.

Areas of opportunity

  • Service Governance and Reliability (SGR)
  • Analytics & Process Improvement (API)
  • Service Delivery & Client Service Center (CSC)
  • Quality Monitoring
  • Field Training
  • Learning & Performance Improvement (LPI)

Corporate Service Excellence

Being a Fortune 25 company doesn't mean getting it right once and then kicking back to enjoy the success - it means constantly analyzing, innovating and improving our processes, both inside and outside of the organization. That's where Corporate Service Excellence (CSE) comes in.

Whether it's improving our reliability, quality, performance, technology interfaces or training processes, CSE provides the analysis, problem solving, analytics and solutions to execute minor and major operational change initiatives.

Areas of opportunity

  • Client Benefit Administration
  • Client Service Center
  • Eligibility
  • Implementation
  • Manual Claims
  • Quality Control

Pharmacy Operations

Our Pharmacy Operations Group is made up of our national network of wholly owned home delivery pharmacies. These pharmacies consist of administrative processing, Therapeutic Resource Centers and dispensing facilities with state-of-the-art technology that work together to provide clients and members with superior services.

These facilities offer fast, seamless service to our members as prescriptions are routed between pharmacies for the highest quality and most expeditious processing and dispensing.

Our sophisticated information technology systems and wide network of credentialed pharmacists in specific areas of expertise make us the only pharmacy network capable of delivering our unique practice model.

Areas of opportunity

  • Pharmacists
  • Pharmacy Technicians
  • Resource Management
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Our Corporate Headquarters are located in St. Louis, Missouri. We also have corporate positions located throughout the United States. Professionals who work within our corporate functions come from a variety of backgrounds, bringing diverse knowledge and skills to all areas of our business.

Clinical, Research and New Solutions

Clinical Research & New Solutions develops, deploys and manages programs and capabilities rooted in health decision science. This department serves clients and patients through programs and services that support better drug , better pharmacy and better health choices.

Explore our Research & New Solutions Lab, where we turn data into insights and insights into proven, practical solutions for our clients and patients. We’re interested in exploring innovations that improve health outcomes, reduce healthcare costs and drive out pharmacy-related waste.


Finance's primary responsibilities include financial reporting & analysis, corporate taxes, accounts payable, billing and collections, financial planning and monitoring, underwriting, cash management, risk management, SEC reporting, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, mergers and acquisitions activity, internal audit, client audit, pharmacy audit, and investor relations.

We provide challenging opportunities that allow you to participate in strategic initiatives and support the financial profitability for an industry leader. The division partners with other business functions to deliver the best value propositions for our clients and patients.

We look for talent at all professional levels that demonstrates leadership, innovation, creativity and technical expertise.

Areas of opportunity

  • Client Benefit Administration
  • Client Service Center
  • Eligibility
  • Implementation
  • Manual Claims
  • Quality Control

Human Resources

The Human Resources organization is charged with ensuring that our company effectively manages and supports our most important investment: our employees. Key day-to-day responsibilities include supporting staffing, policy development and employee relations needs; driving improvements in employee satisfaction and diversity awareness; providing training and organizational development; and overseeing benefit and compensation plans.

We look to our Human Resources team to be a strategic partner in driving employee engagement and productivity in support of the company’s mission to innovate, improve health outcomes and drive out waste.

Areas of opportunity

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Employment & Labor Relations
  • HR Strategy, Planning & Communications
  • Human Resources Partner (generalist function)
  • Talent Management & Organizational Development
  • Total Rewards


Our Legal department manages all legal and regulatory compliance matters impacting business operations. Our teams of attorneys and paralegals have different areas of expertise, including contract generation, negotiation and procurement.

Legal’s primary responsibilities include overseeing contracting activities and licensing, providing legal advice, ensuring corporate compliance, managing litigation activity, ensuring SEC compliance, and supporting merger and acquisition activity. Legal also drives the company’s public affairs efforts at both the federal and state levels.

We look for professionals with passion, enthusiasm and integrity to sustain the superior service we provide to our clients.

Pharma & Retail Relations

Supply Chain Management combines the coordination and management of the company’s key supplier groups under a single management team. Major suppliers include brand and generic pharmaceutical manufacturers, retail pharmacies and drug wholesalers.

Teams within this group include Retail Strategy and Contracting, Client Support and Network Operations, Pharmacy Chain Managers and Pharmacy Care Specialist, Pharmacy Care and Supply Chain Economics.

We look for talent at all professional levels with interest in partnering directly with our broad network of suppliers.

Areas of opportunity

  • Financial Pricing, Forecasting and Analytics
  • Pharma and Biotech Account Management
  • Procurement (Direct and Indirect)
  • Reporting and Trend Management

Sales & Account Management

Sales & Account Management is the company’s key interface with prospects and clients. They are organized by market segment and provide consultative support to plan sponsors through benefit design, recommendations and clinical expertise. The team is primarily accountable for growing the company’s gross margin and membership base.

Marketing & Corporate Communications

Marketing & Corporate Communications works strategically with Sales & Account Management to manage relationships, win new business and retain existing clients. The team also provides strategic planning and communications counsel for key corporate initiatives, as well as tactical and creative support for areas throughout the organization. Broadly, Marketing & Corporate Communications is responsible for all corporate messaging and communications management.

Other areas of expertise include B2B/B2C integrated marketing campaigns, corporate events and experiential marketing, and public affairs and media relations.

Explore a Career with Room to Grow

Express Scripts employees talk about opportunities available at the organization, the collaborative environment, and making a difference.

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United Biosource Corporation® (UBC)

An Express Scripts Company

United BioSource Corporation® (UBC) is a leading provider of pharmaceutical support services, partnering with life science companies to make medicine and medical products safer and more accessible.

With the strength of our parent company, Express Scripts, one of the nation’s largest healthcare companies, UBC leads the market in providing integrated, comprehensive clinical, safety, and commercialization services. Working hand-in-hand with Express Scripts’ specialty pharmacy and specialty distribution organizations, Accredo and CuraScript, UBC is uniquely positioned to seamlessly integrate best-in-class services throughout the lifecycle of a product.

UBC's services include:

  • Patient Support
  • Scientific/Research
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Corporate

Visit the UBC Website
to learn more about us and who we hire

Careers at UBC: Making a Difference in Patients’ Lives

Learn about us from employees who share their diverse experiences. Hear about our mission and culture, and the difference UBC makes in patients’ lives every day.

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An Express Scripts Company

A leading provider of specialty pharmacy services, Accredo improves care for patients through behavioral and clinical expertise.

We offer a broad range of healthcare products and services for individuals with chronic health conditions, such as growth hormone deficiencies, hepatitis C, hemophilia, oncology, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. We also provide comprehensive patient management services, including clinical care management programs, counseling, education, outcomes measurement, social services and reimbursement services.

Click on the links below to see how some of our specialty pharmacists make an impact in patients’ lives.

Pharmacist Counseling
Comforts PAH Patients
Specialty Pharmacy
Improves Cancer Outcomes

Areas of opportunity

  • Alternate Funding
  • Contact Center Operations
  • Distribution Operations
  • Finance
  • Fulfilment Operations
  • Insurance and Reimbursement
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy Technicians
  • Specialty Pharmacists
  • Specialty Sales
  • Product/Marketing Account Management

Visit the Accredo corporate website to learn more about the company.

Accredo Corporate Site

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